Thermocon Novos CO2 Sensor

Selected by Logicool and Easy Heat Pumps for optimum control of Ventilation Units via occupancy levels.

Introduction of a CO2 sensor will allow the MHVR unit fan speed to automatically increase or decrease depending on the occupancy within the room.


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Thermocon Room sensor for recording CO2 content. Optional models include additional temperature and humidity (relative, absolute, enthalpy, dew point) control.

The maintenance-free sensor creates the conditions for a pleasant indoor climate and well-being.

Typical applications are schools, office buildings, hotels, cinemas or similar. The devices VV and3xV are available with additional LED display (TLF – traffic light function) with color change function for displaying the measured values. The threshold values can be individually configured via the Thermokon NOVOS app.

Note that model offered by Logicool / Easy Heat Pumps is CO2 only and does not includes Temperature or Humidity Control nor does it allow control or commissioning via Novos App.

Product Features:

  • 12vDC power supply required.
  • 0-10vDV output from Novos to Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay or Hitachi KPI Ventilation Unit
  • Room sensor CO2 – active V 0..10 V | A 4..20 mA
  • Measuring range 0..2000 ppm,
  • Optional PSU-UP24 Transformer


Power Supply:

The Novos Sensor requires a 24vDC power supply. This power can either be taken directly from an MHVR unit that provides a constant low voltage output or can the recommended fixed power supply via a 24vDC Transformer.

The Thermocon PSU-UP24 is the recommended transformer for use with the Thermocon NOVOS CO2 sensor. The PSU-UP24 is compact and designed to fit inside a single-gang electrical socket.


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