Panasonic Ceiling Mounted Nanoe-X Generator

Deodorises & inhibits certain bacteria, viruses, mould, pollens & allergens for better indoor air quality

  • nanoe™ X technology
  • Silent operation
  • Low power consumption

£275.00 (plus VAT)

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Please click here for the Panasonic Nanoe-X Concentration Simulator. This will demonstrate the effectiveness of Nanoe-X technology.

Note: for single use, non Air Conditioning models, please select “Cassette” for similar results on Ceiling Mounted Generator model

nanoe™ X, technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals.

Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) have the capacity to inhibit pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise.
In our daily life, there are various odours and smells generated from indoor/outdoor activities that may affect our comfort. Also, pollutants brought in from outdoors may adversely impact residents, while mould grows rapidly in humid seasons causing allergic problems to some individuals.


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