Panasonic Aquarea MDC – H Generation High Performance (55°C) Monobloc

The Aquarea MDC range adapts well in an existing installation with a boiler backup, and in a new application with underfloor heating, low temperature radiators or even fan-coil heaters.

All advertised heating duties  advertised are based on an ambient temperature of 7°C and a flow temperature of 35°C (A7/35). Please see Advanced Technical Data below for system performance at other temperatures. 

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Model Reference
Rated Heat Output (kW)System Performance (COP)
Cap (kW)


Domestic Hot
Air to Water Outdoor UnitA-7/W35A2 /W35A7/W35A-7/W35A2 /W35A7/W35

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WH-MDC05H3E5 Expected June 184.504.805.002.983.755.083
30 / 15Single
WH-MDC07H3E5Expected July / 16Single
WH-MDC09H3E5Expected July 187.707.459. / 16Single
WH-MDC12H6E5Expected July 1810.0011.4012.002.733.444.74630 / 30 Single
WH-MDC16H6E5Expected July 1811.4013.0016.002.683.284.28630 / 30 Single

This range can also be connected to a solar kit in order to increase efficiency and minimise the impact on the ecosystem. Finally, it is possible to connect a thermostat for even better heating and cooling control and management.

Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20°C. The Mono-bloc is easy to install in new and existing residential properties.


Technical Focus

  • Efficient control of room temperature based on the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature using the Aquarea Manager
  • Optional Smartphone control
  • Range from 5 to 16kW, Single Phase
  • Maximum hydraulic module output temperature: 55°C
  • Works at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Cooling temperature range 5 ~ 20°C
  • Plug and play system (WH-MDC05F3E5)


Advanced Technical

Model ReferenceSingle Phase Heating and Cooling
Heating capacity at +7°C (heating water at 35°C)kW5,007.009,0012,0016,00
COP at +7°C (heating water at 35°C)W/W5,084.524.294,744,28
Heating capacity at +2°C (heating water at 35°C)kW4,806.666.8011,4013,00
COP at +2°C (heating water at 35°C)W/W3.363.303,183,443,28
Heating capacity at -7°C (heating water at 35°C)kW4,705.556.4010,0011,40
COP at -7°C (heating water at 35°C)W/W2.852.702.602,732.57
Cooling capacity at 35°C (cooling water at 7°C)kW4,506.007,0010,0012,20
EER at 35°C (cooling water at 7°C)W/W3,282,782,602,812,56
Energy Efficiency Class at 35°C¹ / 55°C¹A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++
System label 35°C / 55°C²A+++/A++A+++/A++A+++/A++A+++/A++A+++/A++
Sound pressureHeating / CoolingdB(A)49 / 4750 / 4851 / 4952 / 5055 / 54
Sound power levelHeating / CoolingdB65 / 6568 / 6669 / 6769 / 6872 / 72
DimensionsH x W x Dmm865 x 1283 x 320865 x 1283 x 320865 x 1283 x 3201410 x 1283 x 3201410 x 1283 x 320
Refrigerant (R410A)¹kg / TCO2 Eq.1,30 / 27141.35 / 28191,35 / 28192,10 / 4,3852,10 / 4,385
Water pipe connectorR 1 ¼R 1 ¼R 1 ¼R 1 ¼R 1 ¼

Number of speedsVariable Speed
Input power (Min / Max)W34 / 9636 / 10039 / 10834 / 11038 / 120
Heating water flow (?T=5 K. 35°C)l/min14,320.125,834,445,9
Capacity of integrated electric heaterkW33366

Input Power
Starting CurrentHeatingA4,77.29,611,716.9
Current 1A13.021.022,924,026,0
Current 2A13,013,013,026,026,0
Recommended FuseA30 / 1630 / 1630 / 1630 / 3030 / 30
Recommended cable size, supply 1 & 2mm²3 x 4,0 or 6,0 / 3 x 4,0
Operation rangeOutdoor ambient°C-20 ~ +35

Water outlet
Heating°C20 ~ 5520 ~ 5520 ~ 5525 ~ 5525 ~ 55
Cooling°C5 ~ 20



H Series AccessoriesDescription
PAW-GRDBSE20Ground Support Mountings for Outdoor Unit
CZ-TK1Temperature sensor with 6m cable and copper pocket for 3rd party (non-Panasonic) tank
PAW-TS1Tank Sensor with 6m Cable Length
PAW-TS2Tank Sensor with 20m Cable Length
PAW-TS4Tank Sensor with 6m Cable Length (6mm diameter)
PAW-3WYVLV-SI3 way valve
PAW-BTANK50LBuffer tank 50L
PAW-G3KITG3 Compliant Kit: 18l EV, Tundish, Multibloc Valve (comes complete with cylinder)
CZ-TAW1Aquarea Smart Cloud for Remote Control and Maintenance via Wireless or LANhref="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Aquarea Smart Cloud for Remote Control and Maintenance via Wireless or LAN
PA-AW-WIFI-1TEWifi interface (G Generation Only)
PAW-A2W-RTWIRELESSWireless LCD Room Thermostat
PAW-A2W-RTWIREDWired LCD Room Thermostat
PAW-A2W-TSODOutdoor Ambient Sensor
PAW-A2W-TSRTZone Room Sensor
PAW-A2W-TSBUBuffer Tank Sensor
PAW-A2W-TSSOSolar Sensor
PAW-A2W-TSHCZone Water Sensor

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