Logicool Pre-Plumbed 475mm Slimline Heat Pump Cylinders (EN12897)

All Air to Water Heat Pumps need to be complemented with the properly selected Heat Pump Cylinders. These cylinders are suitable for our Clivet, Hitachi, Ecodan* and Panasonic products.

Our Slimline Pre-Plumbed Cylinder range is from 120 to 200 litre capacity. These are ideal for smaller cupboard spaces.

All models are Pre-Plumbed for easier installation.

Can also be supplied with additional primary pump*.

Complete with 25 Year Warranty on Vessel Shell and two years on components.

*The additional Pump is a requirement when using Ecodan Heat Pumps with Third-Party Cylinders. Part Code UK068

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Cylinder TypeHeat Pump Pre-Plumbed, 475mm Diameter
Nominal Capacity(Litres)120150170200
Integrated Buffer?.No
Height (Packaging)(mm)1228149616741941
Width (Packaging)(mm)475
Depth (Packaging)(mm)475

Weights (kg)

Unvented Expansion Vessel
Nominal Volume (l)12121818
Voltage230 - 240 V
Cylinder Material #colspan#Stainless Steel
Cylinder Warranty(Years)25
Immersion Heater Duty(kW)3kW
Heating Surface Aream21.611.612.082.08
Insulation Type #colspan#Fully insulated 50mm Polyurethane
Insulation Thickness(mm)50
System Circulating PumpTypeLowara (6.5m Head)
Magnetic FilterTypeNot Included
Flow Setter ValveTypeNot Included
Standing Heat Loss(w)1.251.421.701.80
Standing Heat LosskWh/24h52597175
ODP of Insulation.0

Cylinders for Panasonic, Clivet and Hitachi Heat Pump design, application and installation. Come complete with G3 Kit and integrated Buffer.

Features and Benefits

  • Slimline 475mm Cylinder Pre-plumbed for Heat Pump Technology to fit into smaller cupboard spaces
  • Includes Flow Setter Valve
  • Cold Water Inlet Set
  • G3 compliant cold feed pipework, inc. Tundish, drain point, filling loop and 3 Bar inlet control set
  • 4 Bar Pressure Gauge
  • Fill & Flush Valve with servicing ports. Useful to fill and flush the system with cleaning chemicals or water treatment.
  • Includes Three Way Valve (3 Port full boare, 28mm compression DHW & CH Valve)
  • T&P insulation cover and potable expansion vessel included
  • High Temperature Limit Stat
  • Lowara Pump with 6m Head Included
  • Optional 8m circulating pump for primary circuit
  • Built in the UK
  • Saves Installation Time
  • Prevents Installation Faults
  • 1 x 3kW Immersion Heater factory fitted for emergency back up. This can be linked to a Heat Pump for an Anti-Legionella Cycle where required.
  • 12mm Sensor pockets (cylinder)
  • 25 Year Manufacturing Warranty on Stainless Vessel
  • 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty on Components
  • 50mm Insulation (ERP Rated) B/C Rated
  • Full System Unvented Kits
  • WRAS Approved Product
  • ISO9001 Certified Quality Management



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