Ecodan CAHV-R450YA-HPB

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump utilising low GWP R454C Refrigerant

The Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan CAHV air source heat pump uses low GWP R454C refrigerant, offering a robust, low carbon system for the
provision of sanitary hot water and space heating.
This innovative heat pump solution can operate as a single system or form part of a multiple unit system, making it suitable for most commercial applications.


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The multiple unit system has the ability to cascade available units to both on and off mode to meet the load from a building. As an example of this unique
modulation, a 16 unit system allows 0.5kW increments of capacity, from 7.8kW all the way up to 640kW*.
With cascade and rotation built in as standard, the Ecodan CAHV system is perfectly suited to commercial applications including schools and hospitals.

Model ReferenceCapacity
Outlet water
temp range (oC)
temperature (oC)
MCB Sizes

Pressure (dBA)

Outdoor UnitWidthDepthHeight
QAHV-N560YA-HPB4024 - 70-25 ~ 43 17505861770 (with legs)TBC64Three

Features and Benefits

  • Low GWP R454C refrigerant and reduced embodied carbon helps achieve CSR targets
  • Achieves 70ºC outlet temperature down to -20ºC ambient temperature for continuous heating provision
  • Multiple unit cascade control from 7.8kW to 640kW capacity provides design flexibility for a wide range of commercial applications
  • Water flow temperatures from 24ºC to 70°C without boost heaters results in cost and energy savings
  • Advanced heat exchange design combined with the properties of R454C refrigerant enables a shorter defrost time
  • Low frequency compressor control improves energy efficiency and product operation
  • Ability to rotate units based on accumulated run hours offers extended product life
    Requires only water and electrical connections, for ease of installation