Eocdan FTC Heating Control Options

The FTC6 Flow Temperature Controller is designed specifically by Mitsubishi Electric to integrate
with the Ecodan PUZ monobloc air source heat pump range and a third party cylinder.

The FTC2BR has been developed to allow the Ecodan PUZ range to interface with third party or BEMS (Building Energy Management System) controls. A combination of volt free and voltage inputs allow the Ecodan PUZ monobloc range to be used in applications where only simple on/off and temperature control is required.

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The ability to interface with third party controls opens up a huge number of application opportunities. Many processes simply require a heat source that provides hot water, without polished end user controls. The FTC2BR controller allows the Ecodan PUZ to be used in these applications. FTC2BR inputs and outputs can be used in conjunction with local BEMS.

Functions that can be controlled and monitored by third party controls:


  • On/Off heating mode
  • On/Off holiday mode
  • On/Off heating ECO mode
  • On/Off legionella mode
  • On/Off hot water mode
  • Change water flow temperature


  • Unit running
  • Error
  • Defrost