Heat Pumps Simplified

Formed in 2008, Easy Heat Pumps / Logicool are the UK No. 1 Stockist of the Mitsubishi Electric (UK MARKET LEADER) Ecodan and one of the Top 3 UK Heat Pump Distributors. 

We are here to provide high quality service to installers and honest advice and assistance to homeowners. 

Homeowners – Please complete this thirty second questionnaire. We will contact you to validate your enquiry. You will not be contacted by anyone trying to sell you something and your details will remain private. Following our discussion, if we feel a Heat Pump is suitable for you, we will put you in touch with suitable installers, with your agreement.  

Domestic Heat Pumps are not new but to most people they are a relatively new technology.

Government legislation is ensuring that most new build homes will be heated by a Heat Pump.

Further legislation and the drive towards a Green Economy is increasing demand for Heat Pumps and Renewables for existing housing stock.

Unfortunately, this means that there are a lot of companies entering the Renewable Heating sector with very little experience and often for the purpose of making money rather than offering the correct advice.

This presents potential problems for the homeowner and the industry.

Our USP is that we do not install Heat Pumps. At Easy Heat Pumps (a division of Logicool), we have over 300 years relative industry experience, having sold our first Domestic Heat Pump in 2008 and prior to this being involved in the design, application, and supply of Commercial and Domestic Air Conditioning systems (which are also Heat Pumps).

Our strength is our network of installers and our knowledge of the product and the market. At Easy Heat Pumps we guarantee that we will always offer you the correct advice as to whether a Heat Pump is the correct solution for your home, your budget and your commitment to cleaner energy.

Poorly designed, poorly installed, and poorly maintained Heat Pumps simply do not work correctly. As a proven and respected equipment supplier, we provide the product, the training and the warranty to our installers. We ensure that they maintain the required levels of professionalism to ensure that you have confidence that the Heat Pump will be correctly selected, applied and installed.

What’s in it for us? We supply the qualified lead to our installer, they place the order for the equipment with Easy Heat Pumps / Logicool.

What’s in it for our installers? They receive a qualified lead, and subsequently install the product for you. You do business directly with the chosen installer.

What’s in it for you? You have Peace of Mind that the Installation will be done correctly, and you will enjoy all of the benefits of Heat Pump technology, safe in the knowledge that your Heat Pump installation is in Safe Hands. You will receive recommendations for two or three recommended installers, each of which is trained, professional and dedicated to the quality provision of Heat Pump technology into your home.

We will make the process simple for you and do business ethically. We are passionate about Heat Pumps and more importantly about protecting our reputation. We will not sell your data, we will always be truthful, we will answer your questions and will provide you with quality installers. It is very likely that we will advise you not to install a Heat Pump if we do not feel it is the correct solution for your home.