Hitachi Yutampo II


Yutampo systems are a DX split system with integrated electric auxiliary heating as standard. They are an energy saving and efficient water heating solution. The systems consist of a heat pump unit to heat water and a hot water unit to store water.

Yutempo heats water efficiently with less electrical power offering effective savings on energy compare to  conventional combustion type water heaters

The equipment absorbs heat from the outside air and transfers it to the tank to heat the water to 55C. That way, you can save up to 70% compared to traditional water heaters. In addition, the Split System avoids noise inside the house, while the outdoor unit can handle the most extreme weather, thanks to its Green Fin coating.

NOTE: Only for sale to F-Gas qualified engineers. Certificate must be issued to prior to purchase. Certificate must be valid and in the name of the purchasing company or engineer.

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Note that this product is to be used for the production of  hot water only. Lead time is typically ten to fourteen days. Please check before ordering this product.

What you need to know!

The electricity consumption of your YUTAMPO II will be even lower if the coefficient of performance (COP) is high. YUTAMPO II has one of the best COPs on the market utilising 1kW of electricity and converting it into 3.2 kW of domestic hot water (DHW). (under standard rating conditions).

How does the heater work?
A thermodynamic water heater (The YUTAMPO II) works like a conventional heat pump. The outdoor unit of the YUTAMPO II solution removes heat from the air outside and transfers the heat to the water stored in the hot water tank.

Why use an outdoor unit?
The outdoor unit guarantees comfort without the noise. Once installed outside, the unit removes the heat from the air outside without cooling the house.

An eco-responsible commitment
The YUTAMPO II thermodynamic system produces more energy than it consumes, unlike conventional water heaters.


All installations of Yutampo systems must be carried out by F-GAS qualified engineers.

This installation will require the services of an F-Gas qualified Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration engineer. A sale will not be allowed without evidence of this and your payment will be refunded should the F-Gas certificate not be issued to The Yutampo product also requires plumbing installation which is likely to be a second trade on site

Commissioning reports must be returned to and approved to allow validation of warranty.

Commissioning reports can be accessed by clicking here.

Features and Benefits:

  • A split system with integrated electric auxiliary heating as standard.
    • Stainless steel domestic hot water (DHW) tank with separate outdoor unit
    • Completely renewable energy system for domestic hot water
    • Converts 1kW consumption into an impressive 3.2kW output
    • Operates in outside temperatures as low as -15°C
    • Low noise
    • Simple to install, operate and service
    • Easy-to-use controller with ECO and boost modes, and timer and temperature settings as standard.

Features and Benefits:

Homes with no gas supply which require additional hot water storage. For example: another part of the home where the existing energy-efficient hot water and heating systems is not easily accessible

Commercial premises which require constant low temperature (50 degrees C) hot water. Example, Hairdressers, delicatessen, restaurant.

This product is best used in an environment where a nightime,  low-tarrif electrical supply is available. The product is designed to re-heat the cylinder overnight on the lower tarrif, thus reducing running costs.

This product is not recommended in applications where constant moving hot water supply is required. Example: care homes.


Advanced Technical Data

Tank Model ReferenceTAW-190NHBTAW-270NHB
Nominal volume of the tankL190270
Nominal Capacity (max)kW7.50 (11.00)11.00 (15.20)
Standby power inputW24.920
Heat-up timeh:min03:1503:35
Heat-up time - Energy input (Weh)kWh3.53.8
Thermal charge of the electrical heaterW/cm²7.377.37
Temperature setting range°C30~75 *430~75 *4
Maximum water temperature (with electric heater)°C7575
Power standby unitW2.52.5
Indoor sound power level (Lwa) *3dB(A)--
Outdoor sound power level (Lwa) *3dB(A)6363
Rated pressure of the water tankMPa0.70.7
Power cable of the electrical heaterQuantity2 + Earth
Section of the power cable of the electrical heater (*)mm21.5
Recommended fuse (or CB) size for Electrical HeaterA1010
Connection wires between the tank and the outdoor unitQuantity3
Interconnecting Cable Typemm20.75
Width (packing)mm520 (590)600 (670)
Height (packing)mm1620 (1770)
Depth (packing)mm594 (610)674 (740)
Net weight (Gross weight)kg49 (59)54 (64)
Flare nut size (Small / Large)Inch1/4 + 3/8
Minimum piping lengthm5
Maximum piping length / Height differencem20 / 10
Outdoor Unit Model ReferenceRAW-35NHB
Power supplyPh/V/Hz1 / 230 / 50
Noise level (sound power) *1dB(A)63
IP protectionIP24
Air flow (Heating)m3/h1620
Outdoor temperature limit°C-15 ~ +37
Cable section (Power) (*)mm21.50 x 2 + Earth
Cable section (Interconnection)mm20.75 x 3
Recommended fuse (or CB) sizeA10
Starting currentA5.17
Running currentA1.09-7.39
Width (packing)mm841 (871)
Height (packing)mm548 (591)
Depth (packing)mm335 (377)
Weight (Gross)kg33 (35.5)
Amount of refrigerantkg1.2
Flare nut size (Small / Large)Inch1/4 / 3/8
Minimum piping lengthm5
Maximum piping length / Height differencem20/10

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